Microsoft Dynamics NAV DSGVO – Supporting your EU GDPR Compliance

Dynamics NAV DSGVO: Microsoft hat das Whitepaper "Supporting your EU GDPR Compliance Journey with Dynamics NAV, March 2018, Version 1.0" publiziert. In diesem Artikel finden Sie Auszüge aus dem Whitepaper, um sich ein Bild davon machen zu können, ob dieses Whitepaper für Sie interessant ist. 


Dynamics NAV DSGVO: Using this Document

The GDPR is new and your organisation will need to develop its own interpretation as to how it applies to your business. Dynamics NAV can be an important part of your journey toward GDPR Compliance.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with some basic understanding of the GDPR and relate that to Dynamics NAV DSGVO.

While compliance with the GDPR is mandatory in the specific situations outlines below, this document is not a "Check box" exercise. Rather, the content is intended to help you enhance your overall data protection and privacy capabilities.

Dynamics NAV DSGVO Funktionen

Seite 7 von 13: The March 2018 cumulative updates, for the Microsoft-located and W1 versions of Dynamics NAV 2015, Dynamics NAV 2016, Dynamics NAV 2017, and Dynamics NAV 2018, are the first to add new tools that can help you fulfill your GDPR obligations.

These tools include capabilities to help you achieve the following:

  • Discover - Identify and classify personal data
  • Manage - Data subject right (DSR)
  • Manage - Export data subject´s personal data
  • Manage - Delete data subject´s personal data
  • Manage - Modify data subject´s personal data
  • Manage - Mark people, customers, and vendors as blocked due to privacy
  • Manage - Provide detailed notice of processing activities to data subjects
  • Protect - Detect and respond to data breaches
  • Protect - Facilitate regular testing of security measures 
  • Report - Maintain and report on audit trails to show GDPR compliance

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This white paper is a commentary on the GDPR, as Microsoft interprets it, as of the date of publication. We’ve spent a lot of time with GDPR and like to think we’ve been thoughtful about its intent and meaning. But the application of GDPR is highly fact-specific, and not all aspects and interpretations of GDPR are well-settled.
Dynamics NAV DSGVO

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